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Recent Photos

Wednesday 10/08/2022

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Chris Webb

Location: Darlington, Western Australia

After a long day hiking in the rain which included getting lost and getting absolutely drenched, I finally found this waterfall and about 4 others in the Darlington hills area of Perth. To get this shot I needed to get in the water I was drenched anyway and let it rip. This was taken around 730 in the morning on a rainy day but an ND filter was still used.

SS 10 sec
ISO 125

Post editing completed in Lightroom. Some rain drops needed to be removed as this was taken during a particularly rainy day.

Friday 5/08/2022

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Simon Hehir Facebook: simonhehirphotography

Location: Banks Reserve

I was out walking the dog between early morning rain fronts and noticed these beautiful sunrise colours. The best camera is the one you have with you so the trusty iPhone captured this scene.

Monday 18/07/2022

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Trevor James

Location: Karlamilyi National Park

Karlamilyi NP is very remote in the East Pilbara of Western Australian The tracks can be very slow going and I found I could not make my desired destination of the Queen of the Desert Baths so set up camp on the side of the track. The temperature drops quickly in the desert so a fire is always needed. The gods were kind and lavished us with a beautiful sunset

Friday 8/07/2022

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Jason Fisk Facebook: FiskEyeVisual

Location: Canal Rocks

Within a week of ordering my drone, I got COVID, worst timing.
As soon as I was well enough to go out again my partner and I did a weekend dash to Canal Rocks so I could really test it out with the 2 weeks of YouTube study.
While the rocks were stunning, what really had me in awe was the power of the ocean rolling against them. I messed around with a few different compositions but found the one I liked the most was the one with the Ocean as the central focus.
Having my Canon with me, took some long exposure, but the drone colours were quite different. I edited the drone shots to be more in line with the Canon colours as I preferred their Teals and Purples, enhanced by an amazing orange sunset.
I'm really looking forward to heading there again.

Dji Mavic mini3 Pro
ISO 120

Thursday 23/06/2022

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Mary Jane Rowan

Location: Lesmurdie Falls

This was my first time shooting a waterfall with long exposure. Despite being a hills local it was my first time exploring from the foot of Lesmurdie Falls.

ND Filter
1 Sec
ISO 100.

Thursday 23/06/2022

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Leanne Irwin Facebook: httpswww.facebook.comlmi63

Location: Burswood

I was waiting for my son to arrive so we could go for a walk around the river when the rising sun suddenly came through the clouds behind me, casting a golden glow over the city.

3 shot handheld pano on a Canon 200D with 18mm - 55mm kit lens.
F8.0, 1400s, 26mm, ISO400.
Edited in LRC.

Friday 3/06/2022

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Grant Atkinson

Location: Quindalup Jetty, Dunsborough

I went down to Dunsborough last week for 3 days of
Photography, sunsets, sunrises etc. The first night I went down to this jetty and thought it would be a fantastic spot with some good light, colour in the clouds. I actually gave up trying to shoot anywhere else, I just went to this jetty 5 golden hour s in a row, hoping to get some clouds The clouds didn't happen, but there wasn't a breath of wind the whole time I was there which made for some nice calm long exposure photography. I can't quite remember how long this exposure was, about 3 minutes I think.
I will definitely get back down there soon.

Friday 15/04/2022
Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Ben Brown Facebook: Ben W Brown Photography

Location: Pinnacles Desert, Western Australia

Milky Way over the Pinnacles Desert

Single shot for the sky and single shot for the foreground.
The Milky Way rises on the opposite side of the sky at this stage but it was cloudy so I made this composite with the Sky from the night before taken in same place.
Canon Eos R
Samyang 14mm f2.8
Iso 3200

Thursday 10/03/2022

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Norman

Location: Perth

There was a couple in the background

Tuesday 8/03/2022

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Ignatius Wong

Location: Injidup Natural Spa, Western Australia

I took this picture around 7.15 am, on a fine day.
I need to climb rocks to get this angle, please be extra mindful to choose rocks since some are loose and slippery.

I wait for a good big splash coming from the sea to get the maximum flowing sea water coming out from between rocks.
I use Fujifilm GFX 100s with 45-100mmf4 lens, ND filter,11 aperture priority, 100 ISO.

I shot this location 3 times early morning, midday and sunset. They are all good.

Monday 7/03/2022

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Maciek Gornsiewicz Facebook: darkelfphotography

Location: Coalseam Conservation Park

Glorious sunset over one of the wildflower hotspots in Western Australia on a warm spring day. The sky came alive just after sunset and the combination of fiery tones and beautiful wildflowers was amazing.

Three exposures blended together and processed in Photoshop.

Canon 5DIV Canon EF 16-35mm f4L ISO 100 f8 0.5 sec 18mm Graduated ND Filter

Thursday 3/03/2022

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Simon Hehir Facebook: @simonhehirphotography

Location: Dunsborough

I love the fact that Dunsborough offers sunrises over the ocean. On this occasion, it really put on a show.

Wednesday 2/03/2022

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Simon Hehir Facebook: @simonhehirphotography

Location: Maylands

I was happy with the sense of motion in this panning image of a stand up paddle boarder but wanted more. A bit of added motion blur took it to an exaggerated level.

Sunday 27/02/2022

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Godfrey Tanner

Location: Atwell, Perth, Western Australia.

I took this Park at Atwell near the banks of the Swan River.
I positioned myself about twenty metres from the Osprey nest, hoping to catch the male Eastern Osprey returning to its nest after a hunt.
My patience was rewarded after about an hour, when the raptor appeared with a decapitated fish to feed its young.
I was pleased with the image but felt it needed another element, so I added the moon, which has so many connotations, in post production.

Saturday 26/02/2022

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Paul Krautmann

Location: South Perth

CITY OF LIGHT - 50 years after astronaut John Glenn dubbed Perth the 'City of Light', thousands gathered at Elizabeth Quay and the South Perth foreshore to see the spectacle of 300 drones lighting up the skyline with images which sparked feelings of hope and unity, such as this of two hands holding.

Tuesday 22/02/2022

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Simon Hehir Facebook: simonhehirphotography

Location: Maylands

A bit of cloud on the horizon promised some colour but a strong breeze and choppy river caused me to re-think the bouncing pontoon. This vantage point provided a reasonable frame and a ghosted boat moored on the pontoon just to emphasise the long exposure.

Monday 21/02/2022

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Simon Hehir Facebook: @simonhehirphotography

Location: Margaret River

This ghost tree stood in stark contrast to the greenery around it. It seemed quite alone in the middle of a crowd, bereft of its leaves and camouflage not unlike how many people feel. With a bit of post processing, I wanted to exaggerate that aloneness but also celebrate the beauty of uniqueness.

Saturday 19/02/2022

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Simon HEHIR Facebook: @simonhehirphotography

Location: Hyde Park

I captured this image very early one autumn morning and was moved by the ethereal feeling of the moment. With a bit of post-processing, I tried to bring what I was feeling into the image, the feeling of that light we all have behind the veil.

Thursday 17/02/2022

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Garry Michels

Location: Kingsley

This image was taken in our front garden at 1.48pm on 3 January 2022.
A good friend allowed me to borrow his Nikon 105mm F2.8 macro lens and this was the first time I had used the lens. I was looking for a subject to photograph and noticed the bees in our front garden, so I manually set the camera and moved as close as I could to the subject, focused and took a series of rapid photos in quick succession handheld.
The camera settings were Nikon D750, F5.6, 11600 sec, ISO 640 and post editing was done in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Sunday 13/02/2022

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Maciek Gornisiewicz Facebook: darkelfphotography

Location: Dubai

I took this photo in the evening not long after sunset to be able to get nice light trails from the cars but also to retain good detail and ambient light throughout the scene.
I shot a number of exposures to recover the brightest highlights in post processing.
Camera settings for the base photo ISO 100, f11, 30 sec, 14mm.

Thursday 10/02/2022

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Simon Hehir Facebook: @simonhehirphotography

Location: Cottesloe Beach

Early morning on Cottesloe Beach. This long exposure produced the desired results on the sky and water while managing to keep the buoy sharp.

Tuesday 8/02/2022

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Bruno Chalaupka Facebook: brunochalaupkaFacebook

Location: Yallingup

I was with my girlfriend walking random at the Bushes and then I just saw this amazing Fairywren

Sunday 6/02/2022

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Dominik Wendel

Location: Pinnacle DesertWA

Was out to the Pinnacle Desert to Do some Stargazing
and take some Nice Pictures and then a Car parked
close To the Spot i shot this Picture and the Backlights of the Car made the Pinnacles Colored in this Nice Red Light i realized at Home

Thursday 3/02/2022

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Jeremy Peck

Location: Fremantle

Shot down in Fremantle. Have always loved the repetition and colours of sea containers

Tuesday 1/02/2022

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Braedan Lovett

Location: South Perth Foreshore

The South Perth Foreshore Sunsets lights up The Ritz-Carlton very well
all you need is a good telephoto lens.

Sunday 30/01/2022

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Alan Dougans Facebook: Alan Dougans & Futuresightphotography

Location: Point Marchant, Bunker Bay, Cape Naturalise

Point Marchant has some fascinating trees, all bent from centuries of the wind, I've taken many photographs down there and always knew there was a really interesting photo in there, but never found it.....Until this time... I've been using the Flood plug-in by Flaming Pear for years and as I looked at the three trees I noticed a symmetry I hadn't seen before and could immediately see them with that plug-in. Beautiful clear blue sky meant a greaty basis for a Black & White conversion.... Was blown away when i started playing in photoshop with it. Camera was my Sony Alpha A7r IVa with the 16-35mm lens....

Wednesday 26/01/2022

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Grant

Location: Alkimos beach

Just trying out new Photoshop techniques

Sunday 23/01/2022

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Colin Prior

Location: South Perth foreshore

One of a series I took of the moon rise on 19th Nov 2021 right at the end of the longest lunar eclipse in 200 years. I'd pre-planned the spot the previous day to get the moon rising between the buildings. This one where the moon is sitting perfectly on top of a building like a hat was frankly nothing but a bit of a lucky fluke.
Taken with a Nikon P1000, 500mm zoom, f 5, 160, auto ISO 400.

Thursday 20/01/2022

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Colin Prior

Location: South Perth foreshore

Taken November 19th 2021. That day was the longest lunar eclipse for the last 200 years and won't be that long again for the next 400. As the moon rose in Perth it was actually coming out of eclipse but still had some colour to it.
I'd found the perfect spot the day before to ensure a view between the buildings when the moon was still as low as possible in the sky.
The camera I used was a Nikon P1000 at maximum zoom of 3,000 mm. Other specs, f 8, 1100, auto ISO 800.

Tuesday 18/01/2022

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Lee Rowland Facebook: Lee Rowland

Location: Attadale Western Australia Troy park

This eastern osprey is a regular visitor to this area. Bringing in its early morning catch of a rabbit fish was balancing trying to hold the fish down.
Shot was taken with a canon r6. Sigma 150-600mm sport. F8 12000th sec.

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