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Recent Photos

Sunday 26/09/2021

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Mike Fernandez Facebook: Mike Fernandez

Location: Trigg Beach, WA

The Photo was taken first and foremost to capture the beautiful sunset and to highlight the nice sand and rocks by Trigg Beach.
This photo I chose to apply my creative interpretation of the perfect Sunset and the combination of colors I want to project in it.

Thursday 23/09/2021

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Balbir

Location: Cottesloe Beach

I was playing with My 4 year old daughter on the beach . We we were packing up and ready to go back to the car after the sunset ,I saw this yacht and colour behind in the sky , I took my camera out and take this shot .
I used Nikon D7100 and 55-300 mm lens.
Ss was 115 sec, F 5.3 & ISO 400.
I hold my breath when I took this shot so that I wouldnt shake the camera.

Tuesday 21/09/2021

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Joshua Rozells

Location: Canal Rocks

After shooting down at Canal Rocks in Western Australia earlier in the year I knew I had to come back for another astro panorama. I planned a panorama for 11 September where the setting moon would be behind the rock with the Milky Way core right above the rock. The conditions on the night were near perfect allowing me to get the shot exactly as I envisioned it!

Tuesday 21/09/2021

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Mahsa Salari - Lily Pic Photography Facebook: httpswww.facebook.comLilyPicPhotography

Location: Western Australia - Bunbury

Canon 5d IV
Canon EF24-70mm f2.8 L II USM

Shutter speed 1200
ISO 100

Edited in Photoshop

Monday 20/09/2021

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Braedan Lovett

Location: South Perth Foreshore

I learned a couple day before of this new sculpture in South Perth so I had to check it out in the morning. At first I couldn't find it I was driving around up and down but when I did I realised it lined up so well with the city.

Thursday 16/09/2021

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Mark Huang

Location: Lake Clifton, WA

The foreground of this photo was taken with a ND1000 filter and the stars and person were stacked on with separate layersshots. The stars always incurred thoughts to me. It is good to have these beauties hanging in the sky.

Thursday 16/09/2021

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Shane Taylor Facebook: Shane Taylor

Location: Matagarup bridge

Matagarup bridge reflection

Tuesday 14/09/2021

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Naidu Kumpatla

Location: Bedordale

This behavioural image was captured at Bedfordale.

I had noticed this pair of Spotted Pardalotes having an arguments for a longer time which gave me an opportunity to capture this action behaviour.

Monday 13/09/2021

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Sam Jeffs

Location: Bluff Knoll

First time climbing bluff knoll last Wednesday, started our climb at 3.30 am and took us 1 hour 45 to reach the summit, we both have a reasonable amount of fitness but was only 8 weeks after I slipped a disc in my back so quite proud of that time. We arrived just over an hour before sunrise, sitting in the dark but was so worth the wait for these incredible views and photos.

The image was taken of my partner Ella as she was sitting with her legs over the edge around 30 minutes after sunrise.

Monday 13/09/2021

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Younghoon Cho Facebook: Cho Younghoon Cho

Location: York WA

In York.
Caono Rp Astro Modification
Sky- f4.5,iso2000,ss60 5
Foreground -f 4.0, iso 1250, ss80

Sunday 12/09/2021

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Marco Kraus Facebook: marcokrausphotography

Location: Kalbarri

On a recent road-trip North of Perth I decided to extend my trip and head to Kalbarri.
It was getting dark and I arrived just around sunset.
It was a beautiful warm night, humid and the air full of mist from the waves breaking on the beach. I was about to turn right into my campsite when I hit the breaks to pull over on the side of the road.
The silhouette of the tree, the couple sitting on the bench watching the deep orange sunset made the perfect photo motive. I just had to get my camera out and shoot away.

For this photo I used my Sony A7Riii with a Tamron 70-180mm lens at F2.8 - 88mm - 125sec - iso 1600 as I was shooting handheld In lightroom I then just brightened the foreground a little, reduced some noise and added a little vignetting and minimal colour adjustments

Friday 10/09/2021

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Jeremy Peck

Location: South Perth

This photo was taken on the South Perth foreshore. The Swan swam straight up to me without hesitation and ended up being intrigued with the camera for several minutes. Was shot on a LUMIX S1 on a 16-35 LUMIX pro lens.I have multiple shots from this session if anyone is interested seeing others

Thursday 9/09/2021

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Michal Paulin

Location: Coogee Beach Jetty, WA

This image was captured moments before sunrise on a beautiful cold autumn morning with 0ms winds and light cloud in all the right places.
This stretch of coast is absolutely gorgeous.
To the west there wasn't much happening, but to the North and South along the coast, the sky lit up with beautiful pink, orange and blue. This is where I took hundreds of snaps, to be joined later in Lightroom as either wide Panoramas or my specialty Vertical Panoramas. This image is a vertical Panorama, 6 images joined together starting with a almost top down image of the water, then tilting up for each shot till I'm at the vertical limit. I take photos usually from first light up to about 30mins after sunrise.
I don't do too much with editing in Lightroom other than, cropstraighten, Press the Auto button light settings, increase shadows, whites. Toggle White Balance settings for warmth, then add a linear gradient to skies before sunrise like this image, add warmth, temp and dehaze slightly, and optimize clarity. Then finally I go back to the main settings and fix up anything that looks too saturated by lowering contrast, noise reductionsharpness and final check of all lighting settings by slightly moving them around & gauge the results.

Thursday 9/09/2021

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Jiahui Liang

Location: South perth

It was a clear night when i was outing alongside the river in South Perth,then i sunddenly found a good spot to captured the city buildings and reflection in the river,so i stopped and took out my gear to took this image

Wednesday 8/09/2021

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Simon Hehir

Location: Elizabeth Quay

It was an icy cold morning with very little breeze so ideal for cityscape reflections. I find Elizabeth Quay to be an ever changing landscape with the construction work going on but also ever divisive depending on opinions about such development on our river front. Either way, the city presents beautifully from this perspective.

Sunday 4/07/2021

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Ryan Ball

Location: Perth, Australia

I'm new to the world of High Speed Photography. I bought a trigger but have not had the opportunity to use it fully until I recently upgraded my Speedlite. This is one of my first few shots.

I set this shot up in a dark room and set the focus and lighting. With the trigger set to sound and connected directly into my flash I was ready to take the shot.

I turned the main lights off, started a 5sec exposure in the dark and swung the hammer. The instant I felt a connection between the hammer there was a flash of light and a breaking of glass. I could feel that I'd hit the glass solidly and could hear the fragments and liquid landing well beyond my small containment area. I turned the lights back on and held my breath as I checked my camera. I got it!

To freeze such a fast moment at the precise time requires some special techniques. To trigger the camera would be far too slow so the flash needs to be triggered instead. This happens in around 1ms 0.001sec. This is actually too fast and I had to program in a 15ms delay to prevent the trigger from firing the flash too soon.

Also a low flash power is required to get the fastest burst of light, I used 1128 power. This is the equivalent of a 135,000 second shutter speed.

Tuesday 1/06/2021

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Nitin Bakshi

Location: Caversham Wildlife Park - Perth

Australian Masked Owl

Saturday 29/05/2021

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Naidu Kumpatla

Location: Ashfield Flats

Crested Pigeon Courtship Display

Brief on experiencing the courtship behavior
Have noticed a flock of crested pigeons around 10 of them on a tree next to walking track at Ashfield flats Bassendean, one male bird was displaying his feathers on the tree. They were coming down to the same spot feeding on the ground next to that track, so have positioned myself lying on the ground waiting for the moment to capture, The glossy pearlescent feathers and a glorious display.

Managed to capture few shots where Crested Pigeon trying to impress the girls in between feeding.

Sunday 16/05/2021

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Ryan Ball

Location: Perth, Australia

I blew a large bubble inside a small container and used a soft-box to light it from directly over head. Blowing the bubble's edge gently mixes up the colours to create the amazing patterns.

Tuesday 4/05/2021

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Eric Liang

Location: Landsdowne Street

The beautiful sunset in Perth

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