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Recent Photos

Tuesday 7/12/2021

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Mark Tawton

Location: Trigg Beach perth

Have only been into photography for just under a year and picked up a cheap Canon 50D which I have been doing my apprenticeship on, that's how I see it anyways, whilst saving for a bigger sensor camera. This was shot at the end of winter and I really struggled to make it work but have recently drawn a lot of inspiration from Fan Ho and Robert Burke's black and white photography. Despite it not being street photography it really worked and definitely added a bit more interest to the shot. The ocean was taken with a 120 second exposure and the sky was changed with a shot taken with a faster exposure. Not only have I enjoyed the whole photography aspect but the editing as well, to make a shot as it appears in your head is extremely rewarding and addictive. I love how the change of shutter speed can calm an otherwise raging ocean.

Shot was taken on a Canon 50D, Canon 17-40 L lens at 40mm, 100 ISO and a 120 Second exposure.

Tuesday 7/12/2021

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Ryan Ball Facebook: Ryan's Astro and Action Photography

Location: Perth, Australia

This is the first time I've attempted a water-drop collision inside a bubble before. While I did get many successful contained collisions, I love the collapsing bubble in this shot.

Canon 6d Mkii with 24-105 f4 L series at 60mm
f16, ISO 400, 1sec exposure.
Shot in a dark room with a single Speedlite overhead.
Pluto trigger water dropper

A roasting dish was filled with water and about a cup of milk and pink food coloring. Water dropper with blue water is connected to Pluto trigger, trigger is allo connected to speed light via cable, camera via IR Infra-red and phone via bluetooth. Waterdropper calibrated to drop a large drop, then a small drop. A bubble is blown in the drop-zone on the water durface.

Press Play in plto app - the trigger automatically opens the camera shutter and drops 2 precise water drops through the bubble surface. The flash is on a time delay and fires after the second drop has impacted on the recoil caused by the first water drop. As the recoil and splash debris hit the inside of the bubble it has began to collapse just as the flash fired.

I love this shot, this could be my all time favorite collision.

Sunday 5/12/2021

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: cameron perry Facebook: Cameron Perry

Location: South Perth foreshore

This photo was taken at one of the best locations perth has to offer south perth foreshore
never does this spot disappoint, day or night.
I was out shooting long exposure shots all night and this was by far my favourite of the night.
With a little bit of tweaking in lightroom this photo turned out great

Friday 3/12/2021

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Sanja

Location: Applecross

Applecross is full bloom at the moment . The whole area looks spectacular with many streets lined up with Jacarandas.

Thursday 2/12/2021

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Tania Dravitzki Facebook: @taniadphoto

Location: Kihikihi, New Zealand

We arrived at the lavender farm around 6.45pm. We were hoping for golden hour, but mother nature decided to grace us with complete cloud cover, we weren't going to let that stop us, as we had just traveled an hour and half to get there. It just ment a little more time post processing.

I import the images into light room and start the process.
I will generally do the basic correction first ie WB, expose etc,
Then I used a salty sailor presets as a base to work from. From LightRoom I then move into Photoshop. Here I will do clean up first, get rid of unwanted distractions if any. For this particular image I worked on my colour and background first to achieve that golden hour look. To do this was a lot of tweaking, dodge and burning, curves and masking. I Then added the sun flare to bring a bit of impact to the over all image.

I Then move to working on my model. I use a PS plug in Panel called Retouch pro. Well worth every penny &128076 it has cut my ending time in half. With the panel I do basic skin smoothing, just enough to blend the highlights and shadows together better, bright and shapen the eyes, dodge and burn, aswell as enhancing her clothes.

When I am finally happy I move the image back into LR and add my finishing touches including, a final tone and sharpening.

At the end of the day Photography is an art. The camera is my easel, editing is my painting &9786.

Tuesday 30/11/2021

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Stuart Meachem Facebook: httpswww.facebook.comstuart.meachem.images

Location: Swan River by the old brewery buildings

Canon 6D with 16-35mm lens at 5.46am on Sunday 28 November 2021. Settings were 100 ISO, f22 for 6seconds

Monday 29/11/2021

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Inderjeet Phull

Location: Robinson Reserve 25 Royal St, Tuart Hill WA 6060

Fireworks have always been my favorite subject for photography and I keep looking for interesting foregrounds.

The tricky part was to capture the rides and fireworks together, showcasing the rotation of the rides and the beautiful colors of the fireworks. I was able to achieve this by using long exposure photography technique using 2 secs exposure time.

Sunday 28/11/2021

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Leith Phillips

Location: South Beach Fremantle

I was doing an early morning shoot for Streetwise Magazine, published in Fremantle by Carmelo Amalfi. I knew local trainers used South Beach to exercise their horses, so I arrived very early and waited. I captured these two riders from the back so I wouldn't have to worry about getting model releases signed. My plan was to compress the foreground and blur the background, so I shot this with a Nikkor 70-200mm f4 wide open at 200mm. I bumped up the ISO to 1600 to get a fast shutter speed of 1640th of a second, so I had to remove some noise in post production, using Topaz DeNoise.

Friday 26/11/2021

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Brad Hackett

Location: St. Mary's Cathedral Perth

This is part of a personal architecture project I am working on. For this shot I had to get up while it was still dark to be set up before the sky became too bright.
This was the second attempt as the sky did not produce any colour the first time.
Shot using Sony a7III and Laowa 15mm lens f8, 125s, ISO100
Edited in Lightroom and Affinity Photo.

Thursday 25/11/2021

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Shahbaz Khan

Location: Cottesleo Beach

The plan was to enjoy the sunset. The horizon was covered with a thick layer of clouds, and I was not hoping for any colors. But photography is all about telling a story the way you see the world. When the sun was about to set, those guys dashed into the waters and started playing and that game gave me a good story to tell.
Settings F 3.0, Shutter 1180s, ISO 50
The image was later on tuned in the Adobe Lightroom.

Tuesday 23/11/2021

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Braedan Lovett

Location: Illuka Beach

There are alot of rocky cliff faces at Illuka Beach
which make for really great sunset pictures and interesting

Monday 22/11/2021

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Stuart Meachem Facebook: httpswww.facebook.comstuart.meachem

Location: At the Boatshed along Mounts Bay road, opposite Kings Park Avenue in Nedlands.

Taken with a Canon 6D and 16-35 f4 lens. Setting - ISO 100 f22 for 0.6 seconds.
The Blue Boatshed House is an iconic WA photographic location and attracts many tourists and locals to photograph it. The challenge is to take it from a different view, which is difficult or in interesting weather conditions, such as a sunrise like this, a sunset, storm, or something else.

Sunday 21/11/2021

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Shahbaz Khan Facebook: shahbaz_9

Location: Cottesleo Beach

The idea was to take some unique compositions. The horizon was covered with a thin layer of clouds, and I was hoping for some colors. Then those seaguls came in to quench some thirst of water, and a homo sapien was coming out of the seas. That was a perfect shot for mea great story to tell.
Settings F 1.8, Shutter 1100s, ISO 80
The image was later on tuned in the lightroom.

Thursday 18/11/2021

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Stuart Meachem Facebook: httpswww.facebook.comstuart.meachem

Location: South Perth side of the river just east of the Narrows Bridge carpark

This photo was taken at 4.47am prior to the sunrise. Camera was Canon 6D with Canon 16-35 f4. Setting were ISO 100, f22 for 30seconds. Processed with Adobe Lightroom. Liked the clouds behind the city and the piece of driftwood in the foreground. Disappointed reflections were not as good across the whole river as it is closer to the city side.

Tuesday 16/11/2021

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Shahbaz Khan Facebook: httpswww.facebook.comshahbaz9

Location: Kings Park

Perth's summer sunrises and sunsets have always been the best in the world. When it's a thin layer of clouds in the sky, you can always hope for a good sunrise. That's the same thing that happened when I clicked that photo
I spotted some clouds on the night the other day and hoped to see the excellent sunrise. Around 430 am, I went to Kings Park hoping to see some color, and then that click happened. The knitted flowers from the remembrance day gave me the perfect composition.
Camera settings F 1.8, shutter 1100s ISO 50
I used Adobe Lightroom for post-processing.

Tuesday 16/11/2021

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Richard Telfer

Location: Hillarys Boat Harbour Lighthouse

I planned to shoot at Burns beach but the tide was too high so at the last moment I decided to photograph the Hillarys boat harbour lighthouse. Instead of shooting directly into the sunset I was waiting for the softer colours away from the setting sun. I used a canon 5DM4 and 24-70m lens. I add the following lee filters, a polariser, 2stop graduated ND filter and 4 stop ND filter. Other settings were 13 sec, ISO100 at f20.

Monday 15/11/2021

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Steve Nicholls

Location: Lake Gwelup Perth, WA

The Rainbow Bee-eater caught this unfortunate dragonfly and began to slam it into the branch repeatedly in order to subdue it, before tossing it into the air and swallowing it whole.
Taken at a shutter speed of 18000sec. A circular polarising filter was used on the lens to cut down some of the glare and better saturate the colours in the harsh midday sun.

Sunday 14/11/2021

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: James Garfield

Location: Queen Victoria Building Sydney

This was one of the pictures taken for a submission I was working on for Australian Hair & Beauty called Ballerina Bride. The shoot mainly took place on the town hall steps in Sydney and drew a bit of a crowd which made it quite exciting.

I must give credit to the amazing people who were involved in the day-
Model Carrie Hay
MUA Tracy Becken- Locks N Lashes
Hair Stylist- Dee
Dress- Nicole Michelle Couture

The image probably represents the peak period of my photography & I think if I'd have stayed in Sydney I would have progressed to shooting full time.

I don't really do much these days since moving to Perth and I do miss it.

Thursday 11/11/2021

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Simon Hehir Facebook: simonhehirphotography

Location: Maylands, Perth

A picture of serenity but ironically a few minutes before a half dozen power boats motored through to punctuate said serenity.

Wednesday 10/11/2021

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Braedan Lovett

Location: From Parliament House

I've taken many photos of Perth CBD and its hard to find
a different angle but from the Parliament House is a great spot.

Tuesday 9/11/2021

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Braedan Lovett

Location: Under Narrows Bridge South Perth Side

This was taken in the morning in Perth there was no wind nice and calm the city lights reflected off the swam river perfectly.

Friday 5/11/2021

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Godfrey Geoff Tanner

Location: Mindarie, Perth, Western Australia

I was at Mindarie hoping to photograph White winged Fairy Wrens, I walked into a small glade to find some, instead a Brown Honeyeater flew on to a branch. If I had of known that the bird was hunting I would have used a 'spray and pray' approach, that is take many rapid frames, with tracking enabled and hope that you capture the action in focus .
I only took three images and luckily caught the fly in frame with the Honey Eater's eye trained on it. It all happened very quickly.
My zoom lens was at 500mm F7.1 and my shutter speed was 1800 sec.

Thursday 4/11/2021

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Kane Artie photography Facebook: Kane Artie Photography

Location: Coode st Jetty, South perth foreshore

Being a father of two young kids makes it hard to get out for sunsets at the moment. So It has to be pretty promising for me to head out.
This particular arvo I could see there was a fair bit of high cloud around and I knew it was going to be a decent sky. So I quickly got the kids into bed and quickly shot down to South Perth.
I only just made it down there in time to capture the best of the colour. I picked this particular location as I havent shot there much and it faced the right direction for sunset.
This time I decided to shoot from further back and capture the whole jetty including the bench seat. I was lucky enough for a couple to take a seat on the bench which really added to the image for me.

Camera used was the Nikon Z7 with the 14-30mm f4 lens. I had the NiSi V5 system on the front with a polariser and a soft graduated ND filter. This was all sitting on top of a sirui 2204-w tripod
Settings were as follows ISO 500, f10, 110, shot at 16mm

Wednesday 3/11/2021

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Elias James

Location: Perth

This photo was taken at one of my favourite fishing spots. Every time I would visit, the sight of the city would always catch my eye and it was always an objective to take a photo that did justice to the view and I feel I did that with this photo.

Wednesday 3/11/2021

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Rocky Manuel Facebook: httpswww.facebook.commanuelrocky

Location: Bluff Knoll, Stirling Ranges

This photo was taken at Bluff Knoll on the morning of 31st October.
Hiked up the peak for sunrise and was one of the shots taken on my phone while setting up my tripod

Sunday 31/10/2021

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Leo

Location: Bunbury

Have this long exposure picture for the rocka of bunbury beach side,5 of them and stacks with PS

Friday 29/10/2021

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Ryan Ball Facebook: Ryan's Astro and Action Photography

Location: Perth, Australia

I decided to have a go at shooting smoke from burning incense. It took some getting right in terms of lighting and setup but once I found the correct flash settings, I noticed the smoke was burning 2 different colors.

I took around 300 photos and this was one of my 4 favorites.

Thursday 28/10/2021

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Jason Trpevski Facebook: Jason JT

Location: Injidup Natural Spa

Injidup natural spa bathed in moonlight from the 10 crescent moon settimg between the rocks.

Planned this one out and snuck out during our romantic getaway with the wife a few weeks ago to get the shot, it did not disappoint! Luckily the wife is very understanding

The moon setting between the rocks cast some awesome shadows over the natural spa without blowing out the milkyway and venus which can be seen just above the moon.

2 shot vertical panorama
Sony A7iii with tamron 17-28mm f2.8 17mm
30s, f2.8, ISO3200

Tuesday 26/10/2021

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Godfrey Geoff Tanner

Location: Whitfords Nodes Beach, Perth, Western Australia

I remember falling on my knees and feeling the abrasive grit of sand crushed against my flesh, hearing the surf crashing into the beach, seagulls screeching onto the air, and salt spray hissing at the breeze.
Before me this magnificent raptor, the Eastern Osprey ,flexed its talons, and brushed passed my line of vision, just a few meters away, but captured, aerodynamic, mid flight, eternally, in the blink of my cameras electronic eye.

Canon R5 at 12500 second , Canon L series II 100-400mm f10 Focal length 312mm.

Monday 25/10/2021

Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Sam Paskulich Facebook: Methodmediaau

Location: Perth CBD

This photo was taken in the early morning as I set out to capture the world starting their work day.

This shot was achieved by using a relatively slow shutter speed and panning with the bike as it crossed passed. I framed the shot prior and waited for the perfect subject to zoom past.

ISO 200
Shutter 150

Sony A7iii with Tamron 28-75 f2.8

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